Privacy is important. Really, really important.

Power is addictive. Really, really addictive.

That having been established, here is some information about how I treat your privacy when you visit my website:

What I collect directly

Your IP address (essentially, a computer’s ID number) is logged when you visit this page or any other on or most other websites. This logging step also tells me what page you visited and precisely when. I never use this, though, because it’s so detailed as to be impenetrable.

What other people collect for me

CloudFlare collects your IP address and use it to guess your location, but I can’t see it in any more detail than your country. It also makes it clear to me how many of you there are, by showing me unique visitors. (That is, it remembers that you visited earlier, and tells me that you’d already seen my site.)

Jetpack collects similar data, but also tells me what pages are being visited and where you came here from.

If you don’t want me to do this

You can’t actually stop me from logging stuff like I mentioned in the “What I collect directly” section. That said, if you want to stop me from taking advantage of other peoples’ analytics services, you can do that by installing uBlock Origin. There are other programs that do this out there, but I personally recommend that one.


(Reverse chronological order)

  • 2016-12-02: Added Jetpack and advice about disabling tracking.
  • 2016-05-12: Removed Google Analytics and added CloudFlare.