Dream Moons and Player Lands

Sburb players, once they enter the Medium, get Lands of X and Y, where X and Y are two words used to identify the Land. They also have a dreamself on either Prospit or Derse, which they can act as while their realself is sleeping. Here is a guide to determining your own.

This page contains Homestuck spoilers; they will be blackboxed, and you can hover your mouse over them to reveal them. I’ve also tagged them with where in the story they are from, so you can determine whether you know them already or not.

Step One: Determine your Title

Consult my theory on aspects and on classes.

Step Two: Dream Moon

If you are a Doom player, you have two dreamselves. This is as a convenience for players whose aspect is centered on death, as they will probably die often. (Note: Yes, Sollux and Act 6 Intermission 3, p. 007208Mituna have two dreamselves and a duality theme. I think that, instead of the duality theme causing two dreamselves, the two dreamselves subconsciously inspired the duality theme, similarly to how Act 5 Act 2 Excellent H[o]st, p. 005930Gamzee chucklevoodooing an harlequin doll into John’s dream room caused him to draw clowns on his real walls subconsciously.)

Otherwise, you dream on Prospit if you, deep down, consider yourself a hero, and on Derse if you do not. Thanks to DinceJof for this point (via Archiewhite), which replaced a much more complicated system based on the title. (DinceJof says they got it from someplace else, but can’t remember where; if you’ve seen this somewhere else, contact me.

Now is a good time to mention that Derse dreamers generally need to learn that they are heroes, and Prospit dreamers need to learn that good can’t always win. This is conveniently implemented by the fact that Prospit is destined to lose the chess war on the Battlefield.

Step Three: Lands

  1. Act 6 Act 3, p. 006270If you are in a void session, your land name takes the form Land of [a synonym for graves] and [a noble gas].
  2. Act 6 Intermission 4, p. 007397If you are in a dead session, the planet you were on when you entered will be taken to the Medium with you, and given the temporary name “Land of [garbled] and [garbled]”. You need to consult with your denizen to proceed. For details, consult the MSPA wiki page on dead sessions.
  3. Assuming neither of those special cases apply, you need to first choose a term thematically related to your aspect, which we’ll unoriginally call your Aspect Word. For John’s planet, the Land of Wind and Shade, this is Wind; John’s aspect is Breath. Act 5 Act 2, p. 004888If you are a Space player, your Aspect Word is Frogs, but it is not visible until you have solved your Denizen’s problem.
  4. Then choose a term that describes the problem your Denizen has inflicted on the Land, which we’ll call the Problem Word. On LOWAS, this is Shade, reflecting the clouds that trap the fireflies.
  5. If you are a passive player, your Land name is in the format “Land of [Aspect Word] and [Problem Word]”. If you are an active player, your Land name is in the format “Land of [Problem Word] and [Aspect Word].