This Week on Now the World is Ready #6: Happy New Year!


This past week was a productive one, NTWIR-wise! The new engine is progressing smoothly. I got player motion down and then spent three days trying to figure out how I should store a scene. I played with XML, S-expressions (what was I thinking), custom-built minilanguages (parsimonious is actually really fun to work with!)… Yeah, I’m just going with YAML. Then I spent a little while working out the details of the YAML structure, like what do you do if you want to run some Python when the room is loaded?

I also did some very good musickery and I should be able to share some of that with you guys soon.

This Week on Now the World is Ready #1: What’s a “Week”?


After I announced NTWIR I planned to do a devlog post every week. But, uh, nothing to report, mostly because I’ve been scared of some super-ambitious tasks I’d planned and procrastinating to avoid them. (Oh, shout-out to Puzzlestuck for being awesome at forcing me to waste time! Thanks a bundle.)

But that’s all settled! Because I scrapped those plans. You’ll never get to know what they are. I’m evil, I know. Anyway, they’ve been replaced with some completely unrelated, equally ambitious but very different plans! More importantly, I can put off the new plans for a while longer without being unable to work on the game at all! Yay! Exclamation marks!

Also, these new plans are not very new, they’re for stuff that I was already planning to do later, I’m just moving them forward a ways. Anyway, hopefully I’ll have more to report next Sunday!