How to use Hookpad’s “supermodes”

Sometimes when looking through Theorytab’s database, you’ll see a chord labelled as simply “(bor)”, meaning “borrowed”, but not giving any indication of the mode borrowed from. (Normally, borrowed chords are noted as, for instance, “(min)”, to tell you that it’s being borrowed from the minor mode.) If you open the Theorytab in Hookpad and select the chord, you’ll see under the borrowing menu it’s listed as “Supermode”, but if you change it to something else, or select a different chord and borrow that, you can’t see any “supermode” options.

Supermodes don’t actually exist, they’re a weird quirk of how Hooktheory handles chord borrowing. I’ll explain them in more detail under the cut. None of this is going to make sense without a moderate grounding in music theory (specifically, you need to know what modes are, and what a borrowed chord is), and knowledge of the Hookpad interface. Credit to ‘smitchmor’ on the Hooktheory forums for providing a basic explanation that I’m going to expand on and clarify.
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This Week on Now the World is Ready #6: Happy New Year!


This past week was a productive one, NTWIR-wise! The new engine is progressing smoothly. I got player motion down and then spent three days trying to figure out how I should store a scene. I played with XML, S-expressions (what was I thinking), custom-built minilanguages (parsimonious is actually really fun to work with!)… Yeah, I’m just going with YAML. Then I spent a little while working out the details of the YAML structure, like what do you do if you want to run some Python when the room is loaded?

I also did some very good musickery and I should be able to share some of that with you guys soon.

This Week on Now the World is Ready #1: What’s a “Week”?


After I announced NTWIR I planned to do a devlog post every week. But, uh, nothing to report, mostly because I’ve been scared of some super-ambitious tasks I’d planned and procrastinating to avoid them. (Oh, shout-out to Puzzlestuck for being awesome at forcing me to waste time! Thanks a bundle.)

But that’s all settled! Because I scrapped those plans. You’ll never get to know what they are. I’m evil, I know. Anyway, they’ve been replaced with some completely unrelated, equally ambitious but very different plans! More importantly, I can put off the new plans for a while longer without being unable to work on the game at all! Yay! Exclamation marks!

Also, these new plans are not very new, they’re for stuff that I was already planning to do later, I’m just moving them forward a ways. Anyway, hopefully I’ll have more to report next Sunday!

How not to raise awareness: a case study in caricaturing

Now, don’t get me wrong. They’re right.

But they’re drawing a hilarious caricature of Big Ads and passing it off as, to quote the video description, “what we did to expose the hidden business of the Internet”.

  1. Trackers do not shout the data at everyone passing by.
  2. Trackers do not literally expose your physical body.
  3. Trackers do not sound like auctioneers.
  4. Trackers do not have giant flashing signs.

Honestly. I’m sure this isn’t meant to be taken seriously, but it’s frankly ridiculous, and serves no purpose. Shame on you, Mozilla.