Jake isn’t selfish, you idiot: a Homestuck rant

Tex Talks and optimisticDuelist apparently believe that Knights are a passive class and Pages an active one. There are really a lot of reasons I have to disagree with that reading. Since Tex hasn’t talked much about it, I’ll be writing this as an open letter response to oD’s response to my ask here (and I’ve read the more detailed posts he links to, but most of the meat of this particular theory is in that post). For simplicity I’ll be covering subjects in the order they were summarized over there.

Way too much Homestuck analysis incoming, including unmarked spoilers. Read at your own risk. No, seriously, I get too deep into these things.

(Thanks to tripheus and Archiewhite for proofreading.)

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Gift cards.

They suck.

Seriously, what is the point? Why would anyone sane ever buy a gift card? You are literally exchanging money for “money” that you can only use with a certain set of products. What is going through the minds of people who buy gift cards? What do they hope to accomplish by not giving actual money?

The only justification I can think of is if you don’t trust the gift-card-receiver to spend the money well. To that I say: buy them the actual stuff? And that doesn’t explain the existence of, for example, iTunes gift cards.

Ugh. Anyway, there’s your random rant for the day. Nothing in particular prompted this, I just had to say it. Goodnight.