How to use Hookpad’s “supermodes”

Sometimes when looking through Theorytab’s database, you’ll see a chord labelled as simply “(bor)”, meaning “borrowed”, but not giving any indication of the mode borrowed from. (Normally, borrowed chords are noted as, for instance, “(min)”, to tell you that it’s being borrowed from the minor mode.) If you open the Theorytab in Hookpad and select the chord, you’ll see under the borrowing menu it’s listed as “Supermode”, but if you change it to something else, or select a different chord and borrow that, you can’t see any “supermode” options.

Supermodes don’t actually exist, they’re a weird quirk of how Hooktheory handles chord borrowing. I’ll explain them in more detail under the cut.¬†None of this is going to make sense without a moderate¬†grounding in music theory (specifically, you need to know what modes are, and what a borrowed chord is), and knowledge of the Hookpad interface. Credit to ‘smitchmor’ on the Hooktheory forums for providing a basic explanation that I’m going to expand on and clarify.
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