How to use Hookpad’s “supermodes”

Sometimes when looking through Theorytab’s database, you’ll see a chord labelled as simply “(bor)”, meaning “borrowed”, but not giving any indication of the mode borrowed from. (Normally, borrowed chords are noted as, for instance, “(min)”, to tell you that it’s being borrowed from the minor mode.) If you open the Theorytab in Hookpad and select the chord, you’ll see under the borrowing menu it’s listed as “Supermode”, but if you change it to something else, or select a different chord and borrow that, you can’t see any “supermode” options.

Supermodes don’t actually exist, they’re a weird quirk of how Hooktheory handles chord borrowing. I’ll explain them in more detail under the cut. None of this is going to make sense without a moderate grounding in music theory (specifically, you need to know what modes are, and what a borrowed chord is), and knowledge of the Hookpad interface. Credit to ‘smitchmor’ on the Hooktheory forums for providing a basic explanation that I’m going to expand on and clarify.
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Red herring. (cool and new part tw”o”)

EDIT 7 hours later: I’m an idiot, it’s 413-612-1025.

On this page of cool and new web comic, we learn that AV/{s] every one; enter Hecka Jef‘s IP address is (o mistakenly spells it with an extra zero.) This IP address is registered with TE Data in Egypt. It appears to be running a web server, but it doesn’t actually have any page – it’s possible that you have to be on a whitelist to access it. I nmap‘d it, and the results are:

viko ~/git
 --> /usr/local/Cellar/nmap/7.40/bin/nmap -Pn

Starting Nmap 7.40 ( ) at 2017-01-07 11:08 CST
Nmap scan report for (
Host is up (0.21s latency).
Not shown: 991 closed ports
23/tcp   filtered  telnet
80/tcp   filtered  http
135/tcp  filtered  msrpc
139/tcp  filtered  netbios-ssn
443/tcp  filtered  https
445/tcp  filtered  microsoft-ds
554/tcp  filtered  rtsp
593/tcp  filtered  http-rpc-epmap
1025/tcp filtered  NFS-or-IIS

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 15.79 seconds

This is an unusual amount of material, for the uninitiated.

  • telnet is an obsolete system to remotely connect to a computer and control it as if you were physically present,
  • http and https should be self-explanatory.
  • msrpc is a protocol like telnet but designed more for machine consumption than human use.
  • netbios-ssn (NetBIOS Session) is something to do with maintaining connections, I think, but I don’t know much about NetBIOS.
  • microsoft-ds is an Active Directory service handling user authentication.
  • rtsp (Real Time Streaming Protocol) is a system to deliver streaming video and audio – it doesn’t actually deliver the media, though, only control messages like pause commands. Oddly, this server doesn’t have the media server open, so I’m not entirely sure what RTSP is here for.
  • http-rpc-epmap is… something related to msrpc? I don’t have any idea what this is!
  • NFS-or-IIS is, well, either NFS (Network File System) or IIS (Internet Information Server). I don’t know what this means, or why it can’t tell. The port number is 1025, which miiiight be related, but it’s really a lot more likely to be just because 1025 is the first port number that doesn’t require administrative permissions to use on most systems. Also, port 1025 is apparently assigned to network blackjack. I don’t think that’s relevant either, but it exists, so…

All in all? A random small business and a complete waste of 20 minutes. o almost certainly just made it up on the fly. But hey, it was fun.

This Week on Now the World is Ready #6: Happy New Year!


This past week was a productive one, NTWIR-wise! The new engine is progressing smoothly. I got player motion down and then spent three days trying to figure out how I should store a scene. I played with XML, S-expressions (what was I thinking), custom-built minilanguages (parsimonious is actually really fun to work with!)… Yeah, I’m just going with YAML. Then I spent a little while working out the details of the YAML structure, like what do you do if you want to run some Python when the room is loaded?

I also did some very good musickery and I should be able to share some of that with you guys soon.