So about the radio silence…

I am really sorry about not posting anything, for the probably three or four of you following me. I posted the xkcd panel a while ago, and I still remember that. I’m still self-aware.

I’ve just been working on a very large project for the last few months, which I’m excited to be able to show you pretty soon. But I have to keep the details under wraps for a little longer, because my performance anxiety won’t let me release anything until it’s absolutely 100% perfect.

That, combined with a lack of material to write about that isn’t related to this project, is why this blog’s gone silent for so long. To be honest, I never expected to blog regularly, but I was hoping for something more frequent than this at least. Oh well.

It’ll be a month or two, probably.

(Oh, and I forgot to make a blog post about it earlier, but I finished up that Homestuck aspect list with a companion class list, if you’re interested in that.)